The Score So Far (Health & Fitness)

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Re: The score so far (Health & Fitness)

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Jersey Girl wrote:
Sat Dec 03, 2022 5:47 pm
p.s. I'll definitely fit in "The Dress" and those Rumble Seat jeans are gonna get a try on, too, before I lose the moment. <--glass half full.
How funny is this. I was going through the thread to check my weigh-ins and noticed this.

1. I was photographed in "The Dress" this past September 2022.
2. I tried the Rumble Seats on last week--they fit! :-)

Interesting note: I've always told people not to pay attention to the sizing on clothing and just get whatever fits because the manufacturers changed them over the years at least twice that I can recall.

Example: Right now I can fit in 0/02 size jeans. The Rumble Seat jeans are size 12 and I currently weigh about the same as when I purchased them back in the Stone Age. Go figure, right?
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Re: The Score So Far (Health & Fitness)

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Moksha wrote:
Thu Jul 13, 2023 12:15 pm
Maybe the next salad will be magical.
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Re: The Score So Far (Health & Fitness)

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I need to invest in a full length mirror. I forget how fat I am until I see my reflection in a shop window and find myself horrified lol.
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