Musings of a Nurse (my work life)

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Re: Musings of a Nurse (my work life)

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msnobody wrote:
Tue Jan 10, 2023 2:38 am
Hah, no. I’ve never been an ER nurse. I did work a while in a multi-specialty clinic that included, I suppose, a colorectal clinic. Sometimes you would encounter things you wish you’d never heard. We called it the booty clinic.
I'm going to consider myself lucky that the daily ER download I had to comb over for CDC reporting wasn't overly detailed.

Or maybe unlucky? Probably would have made the job more interesting.
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Re: Musings of a Nurse (my work life)

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Sadly, I learned today that the patient ( I’ll call him Patient Somebody) that I sent out to the ER on 11/25/22 passed away just five weeks later. No more struggling with mental health issues or drug addiction. RIP, my friend, Patient Somebody. You will always be fondly remembered.
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