Kwaku El challenged Blind Obedience and the Video was Taken Down? Midnight Mormons vid titled "Gen Z Follow the Prophet"

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Kwaku El challenged Blind Obedience and the Video was Taken Down? Midnight Mormons vid titled "Gen Z Follow the Prophet"

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I went to save the video from that Midnight Mormons video titled "Gen Z Follow the Prophet or No" (published May 2023), just this week, and it says video is unavailable and comments turned off. See:

[ Note that the context of the discussion was regarding the Brethren encouraging getting the Covid19 vaccine and whether those who chose not to get the vaccine should get it anyway just because the Brethren said to get the vaccine. I personally had no problem getting the Covid19 vaccine and I am not interested in "the politics" of the issue, as many on both sides politically are very passionate about their point of view on the vaccine. I am not in any way saying one should or should not get the Covid19 vaccine. I am not an expert. I believe that it is up to the person who can educate themselves on the vaccine and the issues and decide to do what they think is right for themselves and their loved ones, etc. I am more interested in the larger context of when are LDS members allowed to think for themselves and receive personal revelation, or if they are to just blindly obey any directive from the Brethren?

For example, when I was on my LDS mission in the 1990s, I refused to believe and teach that blacks were the "seed of Cain" despite nearly every one of my missionary companions saying that was the doctrine as taught by the Brethren (see ... Statements). This was prior to 2013 when the "Brethren's doctrine" was then rejected with this statement: "the Church disavows the theories advanced in the past that black skin is a sign of divine disfavor or curse, or that it reflects unrighteous actions in a premortal life" (Source: ... d?lang=eng)]

I read some of the comments before they took the 2 Part Video down and LDS members commenting were mostly agreeing with Kwaku: as he basically argued to go with "personal revelation" over blindly obeying the Brethren (LDS Leaders).

Did the LDS Leaders pressure the Midnight Mormon podcasters to take the video down? Or did those in charge of Midnight Mormon podcast take it down on their own accord?

If they took it down because of outside pressure, that is not cool, taking away freedom of speech is "controlling" and "cultish"; which was Kwaku's point, that if we can't think for ourselves and be guided by the Spirit ourselves, then we are just blindly following/obeying. Kwaku masterfully pointed out how Jesus opposed the religious leaders of his religion on many issues and appealed to personal revelation! Jesus set the example.

Kwaku never said don't "sustain" (support) the Brethren but only that (to paraphrase him) because the Holy Spirit is a member of the Godhead then personal revelation from a God (the Holy Spirit) trumps the directives of the prophet if you feel the Spirit is taking you in a different direction on some issue. Otherwise we are just blindly obeying Kwaku said, to paraphrase him.

I don't know what happened but now the videos play. I don't know if maybe I was at work and the video was blocked at work or if it was temporarily blocked, but as of May 5, at 3 pm California time, the videos work.
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Re: Kwaku El challenged Blind Obedience and the Video was Taken Down? Midnight Mormons vid titled "Gen Z Follow the Prop

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A question posed at the first of this Midnight Mormon podcast needs answering.

"Does the LDS Prophet not speak with God?"
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