Latest Numbers from the Interpreter Foundation

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Re: Latest Numbers from the Interpreter Foundation

Post by malkie »

Tom wrote:
Thu Jul 20, 2023 9:49 pm
malkie wrote:
Thu Jul 20, 2023 6:58 pm
Is that the granny who "goes"? I bet she's a blast!
The Little Old Lady cannot see very well these days and her memory is a bit spotty, but she is a delight. (Despite her memory issues, she can recite numerous passages from Mormon Doctrine.) Thankfully, her two ministering brothers, Jan and Dean (pic of the three is below), now pick her up for church every Sunday morning to keep her from tearing up and down Colorado Boulevard (the road to the Pasadena chapel) in her old red Super Stock Dodge.

What a lovely pic - thanks Tom. Great story as well. Her ministers look vaguely familiar, but I cannot imagine why, since it's several decades since I was anywhere near Pasadena.

I'm so happy to hear that she knows her Mormon Doctrine well. Lots of members put stock in learning sections of the Book of Mormon, but there's comparatively little unique doctrine of Mormonism there, so I have to applaud her diligence in going to the one true source for her inspiration.

Her ward members must really appreciate her, especially on F&T Sunday, when I expect she's one of the first to get up to bear her testimony.

If this photo + story is not enough to send all of the apostates around these parts back to a life of full activity in the church, I don't know what is!
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Re: Latest Numbers from the Interpreter Foundation

Post by Tom »

I must confess that it's been a minute since I reviewed the Interpreter Foundation's expenses. (Reading through this thread, I must ask: whatever happened to the Vox Nostrum blog? See here.)

First, it bears noting that the Foundation has been entirely opaque in its reporting on expenses for Six Days in August. I share the Relief Society sister in Parowan's grave disappointment about that fact.

Second, I noticed something unusual about the Foundation's expense report for the fourth quarter of 2023. I need to point out by way of background that each expense report includes a report of volunteer hours donated by the Proprietor’s acolytes to editing, reviewing, and writing. Whether Foundation watchers should view these figures as gospel truths or something akin to Book of Mormon population figures or war fatality numbers has always been unclear. In any case, the quarterly expense reports indicate the total numbers of hours given during the quarter by the Executive Board, Board of Editors, Contributing Editors, Editorial Consultants, and "Others."

Now, the Executive Board members have always been the Proprietor’s workhorses. For example, Executive Board members alone contributed 2,026.5 volunteer hours during the first quarter of 2022.

Members of the Board of Editors have been, shall we say, less faithful in their service to the Foundation. For example, these eight individuals provided 56 total volunteer hours in the first quarter of 2023 (an average of 7 hours per person), 74 total volunteer hours in the second quarter of 2023 (an average of 9.25 hours per person), and 70 total volunteer hours in the third quarter of 2023 (an average of 8.75 hours) per person. Until recently, the Board of Editors' all-time record for volunteer hours during a quarter was 313.

The expense report for the fourth quarter of 2023, however, reports that the Board of Editors gave 2,539 total hours of service. That means that each board member contributed an average of 313.38 hours during the quarter and an average of 105.8 hours per month. In essence, the board members worked a part-time job during the fourth quarter. If we value their time at $50 an hour (as the Foundation does), we find that the Board of Editors contributed a monetary equivalent of $126,950 during the quarter. That's truly commendable.

I would suggest that the Foundation set up a challenge: if the members of the Board of Editors collectively give 3,000 hours or more of service during the third quarter of 2024, they get to dump a plate of Hungarian goulash on the Proprietor’s head during a live-streamed devotional.

Will this estimable record of service continue in 2024? We shall see. This far, the Foundation has been slow to post 2024 figures.

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