Which Is More Accurate, Witnesses or Under The Banner Of Heaven?

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Re: Which Is More Accurate, Witnesses or Under The Banner Of Heaven?

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I agree with your sentiments Kishkumen.

I think exmos want to have this be a way to expose and shed light on the underbelly of Mormonism and help tear it all down. While the creator/writer Lance Black probably has his own ax to grind, I don’t know that I can agree that it is just a exmo grudge hit piece.

On the other hand the church and apologists want to point out things like “oh X is not how the church is [today]”. A common theme I’ve heard is people confronting leaders and parents about the temple penalties before 1990. So many deny it until they no longer can, and then they dismiss it as well that’s not how it is today. Which in the context of a show set in 1984 then it is extremely relevant what going through the temple was like then compared to the present day. It’s not even completely gone from the endowment ceremony.

The problem for the church and apologists is at the end of the day though whatever problems the show has it is factual history that the murders happened. They happened inside the context of fundamental and Brighamite Mormonism. Though I think they are overreacting and I don’t think sensible people are walking away with the opinion that it is mainstream Mormonism either. Mormons are a peculiar people and they celebrate it and are embarrassed by it.
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