Pushing A Marshmallow Into A Parking Meter: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

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Pushing A Marshmallow Into A Parking Meter: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

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A manacled Mormon missionary movie?

If you think “Under the Banner of Heaven” makes Utah look weird — and, yes, it definitely does — how about a movie about an LDS missionary from Utah who was kidnapped by a woman, chained to a bed and allegedly raped numerous times over a 3 day period? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manacled_Mormon_case

WestEnd Films released a statement that it will produce a comedy titled “Saints v. Sinners,” which will star Freddie Highmore (“The Good Doctor”) as Utahn Kirk Anderson, who claimed he was abducted by Joyce McKinney (to be played by Maisie Williams of “Game of Thrones”) and her male accomplice in 1977. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movie ... 235143018/

Utah mondo filmmaker, Trent Harris made a short documentary about the manacled Mormon missionary several years ago, entitled "The Greatest Love Story Ever Told":

Subsequently, Academy Award winning filmmaker, Errol Morris made full length documentary about this embarrassing incident:

Errol and Trent make a very compelling case that there was no rape. It appears from the evidence that the missionary (after 3 days of constant sex) grew weary and guilty of his actions. He easily escaped (just walked away) and cried foul to the authorities.

In one of the many bizarre interview clips, Joyce McKinney was asked if she had raped him. She answered, "He was a more than willing participant. Raping him would have been like forcing a marshmallow into a parking meter."

Folks, you can't make this stuff up. Only in the Mormon church...........
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