DCP Exploits Vin Scully's Death for Mopologetics

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Re: DCP Exploits Vin Scully's Death for Mopologetics

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Yes—well done, drumdude. That’s it. Looking at this again, there is a part of me that says, “Ah, geez…Maybe I was being too harsh?” I remember clearly that I bristled at his comment about Hitchens being “surprised”. It seemed more about “sticking it” to him rather than genuinely wishing him well. I mean, the man had just died. Why engage in this kind of one-upmanship?

But I think that the intervening years have proven my reaction correct. Practically every other day we get the “Hitchens Memorial File,” or whatever he calls it: it’s not enough to just let the man go; he has to be refuted and mocked repeatedly for more than a decade after his death.

And come to think of it—didn’t somebody’s death or grave serve as the inciting incident that ultimately led to Blair Hodges calling DCP a “coward” at the 2014 FAIR Conference? I could be wrong, but If I recall correctly, that whole conflict was triggered after DCP used somebody’s death (Elder Maxwell’s perhaps?) to score Mopologetic points.
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