Ward new years eve dance

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Ward new years eve dance

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Dr W made a sneak visit in telestial and some interesting observations were made. People feel much of the social activities they remember as valuable in church have been cut back. There used to be softball basketball scouting dancing road shows . what is left? I hope the youth are not just rounded up on tuesday evening for little more than a gospel lesson.

lifting a piece of that thread about basketball ,
Res Ipsa wrote:
Thu Aug 04, 2022 1:52 am
Dr W said:
"DW and I often think about how great it would be if they could experience the Mormon Church of our youth."......

It’s great to hear that you and yours are doing so well. It’s amazing (and sad) to witness the changes in the church I grew up in. I can’t say that I’m embarrassed to say that I was a member, but there are fewer and fewer of us who remember what it meant to grow up LDS in that era.
I remember dances on New Years when all the adults and youth would be together and had a wonderful time dancing. In my time the adults choose big band. It lent itself to fun dancing.

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Re: Ward new years eve dance

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Yeah, we did that, too. My Bishop was in a band that played dance music. They would play for ward dances. They did a rendition of Black Satin Doll that was to die for.
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Re: Ward new years eve dance

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I remember NYE dances at the Del Amo mall in Torrance. It may have been multi stake. They rented out the entire mall, which otherwise would have been closed. Adults and youth. A big band at one end. DJ and pop or rock bank elsewhere. So much fun, including seeing if we could sneak into the inner hallways to make out.
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Re: Ward new years eve dance

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The Los Angeles Stake had a big dance/party for new year's in 1999. Big band and everything. That's the last time I've seen anything like that.

The youth dances are still going in my stake, and the DJ is really good. They get kids driving in from all over, and hundreds show up. But our neighboring Stake stopped doing theirs.
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Re: Ward new years eve dance

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It’s almost like the leader’s of the church are completely out of touch with today’s youth and have inadvertently made it unbearable for the youth to attend. Or, something like that…

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