Answering Daniel C. Peterson’s call for assistance!

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Re: Answering Daniel C. Peterson’s call for assistance!

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Dr Moore wrote:
Wed Sep 21, 2022 10:05 pm
Kyler's education is in Psychology and includes a PhD in Experimental Psychology. So he'll have taken some stats. But it seems, just enough to be dangerous.
I'm in the same field. Our stats training is typically and largely about ANOVA and regression families of analysis. Probably a near zero chance that any of us get training for and exposure to the philosophy, methods, interpretation, etc., of Bayesian analysis. I would be very surprised to see Bayes showing up at all on a graduate psychology statistics course syllabus. There are very few researchers who use it professionally in our field, and that is very recently. My own training (ok it was 30 years ago) was under a dude who wrote many of the statistical methods textbooks in use, and Bayes never was part of the conversation. He's written about it in some of his works, but it's not a standard part of the training package. It's more like "Oh, the Reverend Bayes did X and Y, and maybe Laplace invented it independently, but let's get back to stuff that you'll actually be using regularly in your research..."
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