Spiritual Dementia

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Spiritual Dementia

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“A PIMO Mormon” wrote: In sacrament meeting the speaker from stake leadership claimed those who leave the church do so because they have "spiritual dementia," brought on by not reading, praying, and obeying enough. We've all forgotten what The Spirit(TM) feels like, just like people with dementia forget normal everyday obvious things.

They also shared the story of one of their kids who along with their spouse "started listening to bad things about the church," developed "spiritual dementia," and then gasp removed their Sacred Garments(TM) , gasp started drinking coffee, and gasp now is filing for divorce.

I leaned over to my wife (who likes going to church but is increasingly nuanced) and said something like "wow I'm glad she can tell their story for them, but it'd probably be very different if they were telling it." She agreed and also said the dementia thing was a horrible analogy.

So good job stake speaker! I hope there are more talks by people like you.
As someone with family members suffering from actual dementia (the real kind not the fairytale kind) I find this stake president’s talk incredibly offensive.

When backed into a corner, it’s interesting to see that Mormons become increasingly nasty and demonizing towards anyone who stops following THE BRETHREN.
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