Mind altering agents

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Mind altering agents

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Psychotropic drugs alter the mind. Hallucinogens give the user visions of what is not seen with the eye, heard with the ear, etc. While the mind is so altered, observation and logic take a back seat in the consciousness of the one experiencing it.

Religious talk and texts also alter the thinking, inviting the listener to put his or her observations and logic on hold. After repeated effort to believe and longer term exposure and contemplation, and as JohnW and MG2.0 posted in the Everyone Has Faith; That is the Only Option thread yesterday (4.25.2023), one suspends his or her disbelief, accepts more certainly and begins acting upon these religious notions. I think that these efforts at self-brainwashing are as convincing and successful in the effort to suspend disbelief as the psychotropic drugs are in altering perception and otherwise logical thinking.

The biggest difference I see is that psychotropic drugs suspend disbelief so that one's inner thinking, subconscious thinking, is unleashed and the individual can learn more about him or her self. Religion, on the other hand, allows others to program what you believe once disbelief is suspended. So the LDS church for example tells you not to use psychotropic drugs (which the church cannot control or predict what you might discover about yourself), while pushing the self-brainwashing using their texts and notions in endless repetition.
Apologists try to shill an explanation to questioning members as though science and reason really explain and buttress their professed faith. It [sic] does not. By definition, faith is the antithesis of science and reason. Apologetics is a further deception by faith peddlers to keep power and influence.
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