Upcoming youth fireside for “hot button” issues

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Re: Upcoming youth fireside for “hot button” issues

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Marcus wrote:
Mon May 22, 2023 8:19 pm
Yes, they don't really have a handle on either term. I recall a Sunday fireside talk I had to attend at byu for the newly engaged. The "sex" advice-- Guys, cool your jets. Girls, try to get in to it. Or something like that. Ridiculously inappropriate and profoundly messed up.
And what about the "modest is hottest" idea that was going around a few years ago?

I really don't know who was trying to convince whom of what, but it sounds like a complete conceptual mess to me.
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Re: Upcoming youth fireside for “hot button” issues

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That 'a little makeup ' thing was unreal! And yes, it is a mess. Wasn't there a GA who (thought he) was bragging when he said in 35 years he had never seen his wife's naked body? Being raised in this farrago of concepts is a bizarre experience. Without giving too much away, I had a relative who privately told me they took a piece of paper out of their recently deceased mom's journal before turning it over, wherein their mom lamented that their dad only very shamefully engaged in missionary position sex, and she really, really thought there could be more to making love than that. She sent photos of the page, and it was heartbreaking. What a sad way to be forced to live one's life.
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