The art of interviewing and lessons from history.

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The art of interviewing and lessons from history.

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As a Baby-boomer we sang songs at primary praising our Bishop. I was very lucky and had good Bishops. I did have to go into his office when advancing to deacon, teacher, priest and elder. The younger I was the shyer I was. I never had an intruding questions mentioned on boards or on the internet. It all comes down to proper training as to what is appropriate and what is not. Now If someone is passionately kissing someone they like their body is going to change. Questions about body changes are clearly not appropriate and should be announced by the leadership of the church.

I did have one bad interview in the early 70's with a no-nonsense stake president who was interviewing a whole line of 12 and 13 year olds who were going to be baptized for the dead at the Los Angeles Temple.

My turn. He asks questions and I don't know the terms he is using. I shake my head, no. The questions is now about masturbation and I said I don't know what the word means. He rolled his eyes, and raised his voice and said, " do you play with yourself". Quickly I said no, I guess I passed and got to be baptized for the dead. Now a small break and a look into history.

In 1954, Senator McCarthy believed the United States Army was being infiltrated by Communist. Attorney Joe Welch was assigned to defend the Army. What went down where the Senator bullied Welch was done in front of millions on television. At the end of the questioning where McCarthy doxed one of Joe Welch's coworkers. Joe Welch argued with the Senator and finally said: "Let us not assassinate this lad further, senator. You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency?"

When members of the Mormon hierarchy questions youths behind closed doors and the young person is asked how his or her body responded when they were kissing and embracing the person they had developed feelings for it's time for the young people. To respond, "Have you no sense of decency." Then stand up and walk out.

Youths should also be aware of open ended questions and closed ended questions. I did read where a Bishop would say, "when was the last time you masturbated" The correct response is to say, "Sir, have you no decency." get up and walk out of the office.
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