John D and psychology

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Re: John D and psychology

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yellowstone123 wrote:
Sat Sep 16, 2023 10:23 pm
Not really sure how to answer but if a statement on YouTube is slightly different than an interview in court, a good lawyer would run with. But as to two billion YouTube interviews, I agree it’s almost impossible for the governor and the legislature to get involved.
Typically, you copy the questions and answer them one by one. I didn't say two billion Youtube interviews. I'm having a hard time communicating with you so I think I'll just bow out.
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Re: John D and psychology

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Okay, my fault. Sorry about the error on my part.
Only at a private university in Utah would they take you off the continent and into another hemisphere to look for Book of Mormon artifacts; they even give tours. Here’s a hint: start your archeological dig in Upstate New York.
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