Same Sex Romantic Behaviour banned at BYU

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Romantic Behaviour

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I Have Questions wrote:
Fri Sep 15, 2023 10:42 am
Are non member students etc expected to attend church services regularly and not drink coffee?
Hyrum supplied coffee as an example of a HOT drink.

Coffee itself is fine, just don’t drink it too hot as per FDA guidance on the issue.

Just goes to show the brethren lost their way a very long time ago.
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Re: Same Sex Romantic Behaviour banned at BYU

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Kishkumen wrote:
Sat Sep 16, 2023 1:38 pm
yellowstone123 wrote:
Fri Sep 15, 2023 11:56 pm
BYU Provo should have lost its academic accreditation a long time ago. They think their university has a higher standard than others.

How they kept their police department is completely beyond me: having the honor code crazies call BYU P.D. With names of victims that were attacked and run through a state criminal Justice system is just not done. I had to run suspects, not victims at my old job and I didn’t know anyone one who’s name, dob and ssn was input. The L.A Sheriff’s took over Compton P.D in the mid 90s because it was so corrupt. Provo P.D could do the same thing with BYU P.D.

Those were true victims and there are computer fingerprints. After attorney fees each name ran through BYU P.D should after attorney fees collect a million. It could and should run into the billions.

And then I think of my coworker Patti who went to Berkeley and one guy refused to wear clothes to class.
I do not agree with you about BYU’s accreditation, but I do agree with you on the subject of the BYU P.D.
Yes, I would say you are right. I hear their Accounting Dept. is one the best.
Only at a private university in Utah would they take you off the continent and into another hemisphere to look for Book of Mormon artifacts; they even give tours. Here’s a hint: start your archeological dig in Upstate New York.
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Re: Same Sex Romantic Behaviour banned at BYU

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yellowstone123 wrote:
Sat Sep 16, 2023 2:51 pm
Yes, I would say you are right. I hear their Accounting Dept. is one the best.
I imagine they are highly sought after when some creative accounting is desired. "How many sets of books would you like, Mr. Price Waterhouse Cooper?"
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Re: Same Sex Romantic Behaviour banned at BYU

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“DCP” wrote: noel: "You want to tell people who they shall marry."
I have absolutely no interest in telling people whom to marry. But I do think that marriage does and should have limits. For example, I don't think that fathers should marry daughters. I don't think that sisters should marry brothers. I don't think that people should marry cats. I guess what you're saying is that you object to such limits?
I guess what DCP is saying is that gays marrying should be in the same banned category as incest and bestiality.

Quite an interesting position from a member of a church which taught interracial marriage should be discouraged, and that men should have 60 wives. And whose current leader is sealed to be a polygamist in the afterlife.
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