Interesting 1968 Ghost Story From Brigham City, UT

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Interesting 1968 Ghost Story From Brigham City, UT

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DCP would say this experience is clear evidence of the afterlife. Regardless of what you believe, it's an interesting story.

In the early hours of February 14, 1968 there was a scandalous murder/suicide that rocked the small, sleepy town of Brigham City, UT. One of the local police officers killed his estranged wife, shot her lover, his father, then killed himself. Fortunately, he did not kill their baby. ... /24826372/

Across the street, lived 15 year old Janet Larkin. After the medics and the sheriff's department arrived, Janet received a knock at her door. This is where her story begins:
"I'm on paid sabbatical from BYU in exchange for my promise to use this time to finish two books."

Daniel C. Peterson, 2014
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