What is Gravity?

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Re: What is Gravity?

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High Spy wrote:
Thu Jul 11, 2024 2:06 am
IWMP wrote:
Wed Jul 10, 2024 11:22 am

The talk you linked to is about a company that helps women with the menopause? Or does it just show what's on today? Are you giving a presentation?
Every meeting features different presenters. After my first A head of school was interested in hosting a derby in her summer school, but that timeline wasn’t doable. Rocket Man may do a demo depending on ceiling height and stuff. Today ChatGPT tried to help fill up a questionnaire from my patent agent. Overall a stellar performer, except:
Based on the information provided in the text, a functional name for the invention could be "Gravity-Powered Rocket Launching System." This name captures the core functionality and purpose of the invention.
Technically they aren’t rockets, so that’s one place ChatGPT could improve.
Thank you for pointing that out. Given that the projectiles in the invention are not technically rockets but are referred to as "Gravity Powered Rocket Shaped Projectiles (GPRSPs)," a more accurate functional name for the invention could be "Gravity-Powered Rocket-Shaped Projectile Launching System." This name reflects the core functionality and purpose of the invention while accurately describing the nature of the projectiles being launched.
No worries, said agent revised my “Launch Apparatus for Air Derbies” to “Launch Apparatus for Ariel Objects”.

Patent claims must consist of a single sentence, so if you’re a fan of run-on sentences, you’re in luck. :lol:

(Launch Apparatuses, rule) :mrgreen:

Very cool. "Gravity-Powered Rocket-Shaped Projectile Launching System." Is a bit of a mouthful lol. I like your chosen title. Did you keep in touch with the head of the school?
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