Systemic Racism: Fact or Myth?

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Re: Systemic Racism: Fact or Myth?

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So, lets say you sit down at a table in a restaurant. Waiter (or waitress) comes over with menus...but before you are given the opportunity to order food or get a glass of water, they inform you that they have a new tradition of having the entire wait-staff sharing their political position(s) before any service is to commence.

Now go reference the drop in sports ratings and viewership.

Its not personal, its business. You are not entitled to customers. And a customer can boo the waiters.

And no one going to your restaurant doesn't mean the country is lost...the presence of people behaving freely and legally proves that claim wrong.

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Re: Systemic Racism: Fact or Myth?

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I'm sure this is totally black on black crime...

A Young Black Man Told His Mom He Was Being Followed By White Men. Then He Was Found Dead. Rasheem Ryelle Carter’s family believes police in Taylorsville, Mississippi, are hiding details about his death. His body was found dismembered.
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