Our Whiteness Is Part Of The Problem Of Meat Eating!

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Our Whiteness Is Part Of The Problem Of Meat Eating!

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This video perfectly shows what happens to the human brain when it becomes infected with progressive thought. The lady in this video is talkin about the “problems” with eating meat and she literally gets in every woke talking point you can imagine while describing why we shouldn’t eat meat. Of course, it’s the white mans fault first and foremost, also affects the climate, she talks about misogyny, racism, abortion, gender base structures of oppression, sexual politics of meat, masculinity, The gender binary, neo nazis and of course WHITE SUPREMACY!!!!

If you think about it. This speech is one of the most racist speeches I’ve ever heard. Nothing wrong with vegetarianism, nothing wrong with being a vegan, but those are luxuries only afforded to nations that have the ability to ship in food from all around the world!! Most people living today aren’t lucky enough to be able to choose from 1000s of products from all around the world. Most people living today eat what’s grown or raised locally and they eat meat because animals are easy to raise. This privileged white lady is what’s wrong with the far left. Absolutely oblivious to what she’s actually saying!!
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