Biden's Legacy

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Biden's Legacy

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The EV boom is happening as we speak.

"Biden on Wednesday directed the U.S. government to purchase only American-made, electric-powered passenger cars beginning in 2027, and electric versions of other vehicles by 2035. He set up a task force of federal environmental, national security, and transportation officials to work on that goal, and ordered his team to help state governments stock up on electric cars as well. The directive builds on Biden’s order from the first month of his presidency." ... 0by%202035.


Honda - The company aims for all of its sales to be zero-emissions electrified vehicles by 2040. The projected ramp-up to this goal is 40 percent of sales by 2030 and 80 percent by 2035. Honda and Sony announced a joint venture to produce battery electric vehicles together; the first EV from this partnership will go on sale in 2025.

Hyundai has committed to all its new vehicles being purely electric starting from 2025 with fuel-cell EVs and battery EVs, with the goal of being a 100 percent zero-emission vehicle brand by 2030, and carbon neutral by 2035. In March 2022 HMC announced that it targets selling 1.87 million battery electric vehicles annually by 2030, worldwide. To achieve this goal, the automaker has pledged to introduce 17 new models by then, with 11 for the Hyundai brand and six for Genesis.

Ford says it will produce more than 2 million EVs annually by 2026 and projects that EVs will be half of its global sales volume by 2030. The automaker also says that half the global sales of its Lincoln luxury brand will be zero-emissions models by the middle of this decade, and that it will electrify the entire portfolio of vehicles by 2030.

GM aims to have 20 EVs available in the U.S. by 2025 as it moves to an all-electric model lineup by 2035. The GMC Hummer EV will be followed by the Cadillac Lyriq SUV and Celestiq sedan; Chevrolet Blazer EV, Equinox EV, Silverado EV; and GMC Sierra EV.

Following its corporate partners Hyundai and Genesis, Kia has announced a road map for its electric vehicle plans. The big target is 1.2 million annual battery electric vehicle sales worldwide by 2030. Key to achieving that goal is increasing its EV lineup to 14 electric models by 2027.


What we're witnessing here is a sea change in our use of energy and will significant reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and dramatically reduce future risks to the economy which gets rocked every time some foreign oil producer goes to war with someone.

With improved infrastructure, lower medical care costs, more people insured, the fastest growing economy in a half century, etc, History will likely remember Biden as they guy who moved us away from combustion engine and revolutionized our transportation system.

By 2050 when gasoline is under $1/gallon, history will remember how that was accomplished. It sure as hell wasn't accomplished by oil loving Republicans who mocked the concept of green energy every chance they got.
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