Great to have a culture warrior for a governor

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Great to have a culture warrior for a governor

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Looked through Tate Reeves' tweets from the last three months.

Here's what you can get behind as a right-winger while your utilities are falling apart and leaving everyone without water.
No sales tax on firearms, ammo, and hunting supplies this weekend.

Get to the store in Mississippi and secure a new way to defend your family and exercise your Second Amendment rights!
If you want to know WHY I am pushing so hard for more civics classes and a better understanding of our country’s governance, look no further than this
Americans are struggling with high prices right now.

In Mississippi, we’re slashing taxes and ending wasteful spending programs to fight back.
My favorite thing about
… that it drives liberals nuts! They hate seeing so many patriots together having fun. I can’t wait!
Mississippi led the nation in the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Now, we’re leading the nation in building a culture of life that serves mothers and children!
Join me tomorrow morning on Fox News Sunday!
The largest tax cut in Mississippi history goes into effect today!
When they try to take prayer out of our society, they are trying to undermine our foundational principles.
Any thoughts on what happens when they take the water out of our toilets?

Hey, if you've got a stash of water bottles, you might need all those guns to protect them from your thirsty neighbors who have guns.

Maybe somebody donated that water pump they're replacing so people don't have to pay taxes?

Instead of worrying so much about civics classes to make everyone anti-woke, maybe teach some God damned civil engineering?

Well, people of Mississippi, you're getting what you voted for. Enjoy it.

I'm sure Binger agrees it's more important to be a contrarian loud-mouth like Reeves than try to solve actual real problems. Unfortunately.
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