"Atlanta Antifa"

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"Atlanta Antifa"

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This is probably the third time I've heard this recently and the first couple of times I didn't pay any attention to it because I seriously thought it was a joke, but recently Joe Rogan went after CNN for apparently refusing to report on some vandalism that had taken place in Atlanta. FOX News takes their cue from Rogan and says he criticized CNN for refusing to report on "Antifa" in Atlanta, though I couldn't find anything from the Rogan clip that mentions anything about Antifa.

As a resident of Metro Atlanta, I would think that if there were any truth to any of this then certainly I would have seen something about it from local news or at least hear all my Right Winging neighbors yapping about it. So I googled it further and came across this:

‘Atlanta is burning because antifa’ narrative is a farrago of falsehoods bolstered by the far right
Television audiences have been treated to this narrative all week at Fox News. On Tuesday, Watters invited on anti-antifascist crusader Gabriel Nadales to talk about the Atlanta protests, with video of the flaming police cruiser and broken windows downtown, and a chyron reading “Antifa is Ravaging America” and “‘Night of Rage’ Destroys Atlanta.” Nadales assured Watters that “the longer we don’t acknowledge the threat of antifa, the more it will grow and the harder it will be to fight them.”

What Watters’ segment failed to mention was that Saturday night’s protest at which six people were arrested involved a relatively small group of masked protesters, and it arose in response to the shooting three nights before, on Jan. 18, of a DTAF nonbinary protester, Manuel “Tortuguita” Paez Terán, who was shot in their tent at the site of the “Cop City” protest in Atlanta’s Weelaunee Forest after, police claim, they first shot a state trooper with a gun that was found on their person.

However, like most of the protesters drawn to the “Cop City” site, Paez Terán was an environmental-racism activist, not a member of any “antifa” group. The same is true of DTAF, which is not an organization but a movement based on a slogan—a coalition of environmental activists interested in preventing the ruin of the Atlanta forest by a planned police-training center scheduled to be built there, as well as anti-police-brutality activists.

The primary local antifascist group, Atlanta Antifascists, told Daily Kos via direct message: “We have nothing to do with organizing forest defense and have said so publicly several times, but no one listens,” adding that “we support the movement 100%, and we have been working on it a lot but in our role countering the non-state far right.”
To sum it up, six people were arrested for vandalism but they had nothing to do with ANTIFA. They were part of an Environmentalist group called "Defend the Atlanta Forest." And the reason CNN isn't reporting on so called ANTIFA terrorism in Atlanta is because there is no evidence of any ANTIFA related terrorism in Atlanta. This is FOX News just fabricating a self serving narrative from whole cloth.
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