Good Reads: watcha reading there, eh?

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Good Reads: watcha reading there, eh?

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In this thread let's recommend some good reading material (nothing overtly religious please). Could be fiction or nonfiction, space operas to historical texts.

Me, I'm reading through a series called The Laundry Files by a Scotsman name of Charles Stross. Think if H.P. Lovecraft's but was writing history instead of existential horror, and we're looking over the shoulder of operatives working for the UK government tasked with preventing the Old Ones awakening and eating the Crown's subjects. Centers around a guy from the IT department defending the realm from horrors beyond spacetime and PowerPoint presentations.

Couldn't find any of the series online, but another sample of this guy's work is a short story called A Colder War. Link below.

What if the Gipper's miccheck joke went high order in a world where nuclear powered drones stand by to deliver multi-megaton retaliation against the awakinging of ancient evils.

So watcha reading?
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