25 Years South Park

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25 Years South Park

Post by Joshua »

The 25th season of South Park just ended, and it's still going strong. I thought it would be great to share some of our favorite South Park moments over the years.

The "Go, Strong Woman, Go" film illustrates how absurd it is for guys to participate in women's sports.

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Re: 25 Years South Park

Post by honorentheos »

I was sad when Bill Watterson decided to stop writing Calvin and Hobbes. Turned out time proved him right. Much like The Simpsons, I couldn't tell you the last time was that I watched an episode of South Park. I do know what episode it was because it was the one produced during the film they made about their crazy production schedule.
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Re: 25 Years South Park

Post by Alphus and Omegus »

I haven't watched a new South Park in years. I just don't find them relevant nowadays. I do like the Simpsons comparison.

They were helpful in my exit from Mormonism with their "All About the Mormons" episode and I will always appreciate that one.

The ending where the chorus is singing "dumb" actually did make me realize I had never considered the more simple explanation for why Smith made up the small plates of Nephi.
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Re: 25 Years South Park

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I stopped watching South Park after the first episode where Cartman was The Coon. I wasn't watching as much anymore already and that episode made me think they'd lost it.

Some time after, I think around their 20th season, I tried an episode (don't remember why) and I was surprised at how much I found myself laughing. I ended up watching that whole season, then just sort of forgot about it when the next season rolled around.

After we moved, we got HBO Max, and it has all the South Park seasons, so for the last several months, I've been slowly working my way though the whole series. I think I'm at season 15 now and have found a ton of great episodes I missed.

I think one of my favorites is the one where Stan starts seeing everything as crap. I actually thought that was a brilliant episode, and I think it was expressing a mini personal crisis Matt and/or Trey were having at the time.

The thing I love about South Park is that they don't seem strongly opinionated in one direction or another on most subjects. Their episodes will tackle issues from multiple sides. You can sometimes get a sense of what their opinion is, but often you can't. I think that's a good thing. Let viewers decide for themselves.
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