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Re: Video anxiety

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Videos of people just randomly talking about whatever pops into their head like the Joe Rogan podcast are a total waste of time in my view. I want videos that have a point and follow a structure. I often find that videos lack coherent language because they don't follow a script or outline. It seems less respectful of the audience's time than a coherent essay.

Essays also have the virtue that I can tell immediately if the writing lacks proper grammar or punctuation that what I'm going to be looking at likely will not be logical.

But even so, what I find best about text compared to video is that I can readily skip parts that make statements I already know or don't find relevant. You can't do that with video unless the words are projected onto the screen.

Additionally, I also like that a good paper or article will link to sources so that I can check them as I go along if I wish. That's a lot more cumbersome to do with video.

But, as PG says, I think there are some occasions where video can't be beat as an informational medium.
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