Congressional Republicans refuse to make a budget

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Congressional Republicans refuse to make a budget

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The House is supposed to start the budgetary process under the Constitution, but after Trump made Republicans realize that their burning desire to cut Social Security and other safety nets is a political loser, House Republicans are refusing to put out their own budget.
Republicans were fine with the last president signing $4.7 trillion in new deficits into law even before covid-19 hit (plus, trillions more thereafter). Now that a Democrat is president, though, the GOP’s born-again deficit hawks decided that Something Must Be Done about the nation’s fiscal health.

It’s not clear what Something is, however, beyond taking a valuable hostage: the nation’s debt ceiling...

Republicans, on the other hand, appear to have abandoned any pretense of a counteroffer. They have no budget, nor even the basic outlines of one. ... t-elusive/

It's the agenda that dare not speak its name.
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