Doubting Thomas

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Doubting Thomas

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Hi folks. A couple things.

No one is taking the situation with Doubtingthomas more serious than I am.

DT is presenting as a person who cannot control his behavior. If that’s the case, continued interaction with folks here endangers his physical safety. We can’t do anything to help him through whatever is going on, but we can easily make his situation worse.

So, I’m appealing to the better angels of your natures and asking you all not to make a bad situation worse. Please do not engage in any way with DT’s sock puppet account. Also, please do not discuss DT or his past posts. Avoid feeding the need to respond that he is unable to control right now.

For now, I will be soft deleting all of his sock puppet posts as well as any posts that quote them. I will do the same with any further sock puppet posts. I will not engage with or discuss DT on the board for the foreseeable future. I’m happy to talk about this situation via PM, but am convinced that DT cannot disengage from destructive interaction here without some help and that continued engagement at this time creates too great a risk of harm to him.

Obviously, this is a request. It’s in black on purpose. I’m asking you trust that I have exercised all the tools I have as a moderator with regard to this situation. I can’t resolve it without your help.

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