Three books to read in 2024

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Three books to read in 2024

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1) My Life: by Golda Meir. She tells her story of her youth in the Russia, her father leaving Russia first to work in New York City and then to Milwaukee as woodworker, who would save money to bring his family join him as they settled in Milwalkee. Her devotion to Zion Socialism; After World War etc. The issues of 1920 to 1948 in British Palestine which was taken taken from the Ottoman Turks ( yes Ottoman Turks were fighting Brightish troops on the Gaza Strip in 1917). Her dedication to Social Zionism in Palestine and the issues when thousands and thousands and thousands sought Alijah from all of over the world to Israel. To foreign minster to, U.N secretary, to Prime Minister during the Munich Crisis. America had her Washingtons, Jeffersons, and Adams many. Israel had there David Ben Gurion, Golda Meir,and a Menachem Begin.

2) Stealing Speed by Max Oxaley, A Rolling Stones writer who wrote the ultimate espionage story of how one motorcycle company had an East German defect to Japan and give two-stroke technology to western civilization which led to the two stroke four-cycle tech. In the U.S. where Susuki and Honda created two-stroke engines th at were unparalleled. A Suzuki two-stroke could do wheelies in all five or six gears. An age turner. And it all started from a German scientist who had V1 AND V2 two-stroke technology who after the war went to East Germany; then he then defected, I wish I still had my paper back copy which is now worth like $125.00 on Amazon, Yet Amazon kindle sells it for around $10.00. A real page turner.

3 )Do The Next Right Thing, by Roger Thompson. A pastor, mentor, coach, long-distance runner and rock climber talks about the relationship between Christ and Simon Peter. He says that when you have five choices and you don't like any of them. Do th next right thing.

He writes about disciple Simon_peter who Christ kept an eyes on, asked him to witness the transfiguration when Elijah and Moses would appear, but fell asleep. We are all Simon Peter's in a way. Christ embraced Simon-Peter not on the victory stairs but underneath the bleacher, crying and wishing for deaths, as Simon_Peter prayed to die. That's when Grace appears and envelopes. I have been there many times praying to die but I keep waking up the next day.

I could add more like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance on Audible but I need to keep it at Three.
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