New True Crime Case (on the corner)

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New True Crime Case (on the corner)

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So yesterday I needed to go into town and pick up a few things. Got to the end of the driveway when I noticed a black vehicle parked across the street to the right. I sat there for a bit and noticed that it had dark tinted windows all around which I think might be illegal in this state. It put me in mind of a Secret Service vehicle. Black SUV all shined up. Maybe a Ford Escalade. But what do I know.

So I sat there and mulled it over. I couldn't see if anyone was inside the vehicle so I figured if the were coming for me they'd have already picked me off while I sat there. Left for town and forgot about the whole thing.

Until today. The Boy comes in from town and tells me there's a bounty hunter parked across the street. "Is it a black SUV?", "Yup". He stopped and asked the guy (who put him in mind of Dog the Bounty Hunter--no lie) if he needed any help because that's how we do out here in the sticks. We're friendly and we'll help you, we just don't want you to be our friend because nobody here came for the people.

Apparently he's staked out watching the house on the corner. The adult daughter is a special needs person who once took a shot gun and started shooting out in the yard, disturbing the peace and I guess scaring the neighbors. He says she skipped bail so he came to take her into custody. :shock:

So he's out there. Now. Still. Please stand by for further updates.
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