I Can't Seem To Eye-Roll Hard Enough

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Everybody Wang Chung
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I Can't Seem To Eye-Roll Hard Enough

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Was Jeffrey Epstein not available this year? Actually, Tim Ballard might seem like a normal choice, compared to the other scheduled speakers like Marjorie Taylor Greene or Dictator Viktor Oban.

My advice to the CPAC, keep this man away from your female staffers if you want to keep them from being sexually harassed before Trump, Gaetz or the other Republican lawmakers sexually harass them.


https://www.ksl.com/article/50860992/ti ... n-february
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Dr Moore
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Re: I Can't Seem To Eye-Roll Hard Enough

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Disgusting what the GOP has become.
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Re: I Can't Seem To Eye-Roll Hard Enough

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I hear he’s going to be giving tutorials on how you too can perform the “couples’ ruse.”

Because no value is more Republican than cheating on your wife with other men’s wives! #ChristianMorality #FamilyValues #OwnTheLibtards
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