Christian Right Upset About Trump Platform

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Re: Christian Right Upset About Trump Platform

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ajax18 wrote:
Wed Jul 10, 2024 12:31 am
I'm a Christian and I have no problem with the President's platform on the issue, which is to send the question back to the states where it belongs.
I said Christian Right, not Confederate Christian.
The fact that the leftists on this board can continue to claim that we don't have open borders when their leader Nancy Pelosi called walls immoral as she halted any effort whatsoever to curb the tide of illegal immigration and the importation of third world poverty into the US is almost as big a lie as the lie they've been telling us about Joe Biden being fit, mentally competent and free of cognitive decline. And many people still believed these mainstream media lies as evidenced by their shock at Biden's performance at the debate.
Um, ajax, I don’t know if you got the memo, but the GOP rejected a tough immigration bill because Trump told them to. Moreover, the only kind of immigration Trump was successful at decreasing was LEGAL immigration. Illigal immigration, not so much.
Then there's the lie that Donald Trump wants to take away your social security. Perhaps if you're an illegal immigrant and drawing it illegally, then yes, President Trump doesn't want you coming into the country leaching off the taxpayer. If you work for a living, not under the table, but as a legal citizen and taxpayer, you need to vote for Trump. If you're in the country illegally or come from a long line of generational welfare, or seek to bring more people in illegally, and have a black market construction business where you pay people under the table, or perhaps pay your illegal immigrant housekeeper or gardner under the table, or your entire staff in your business like Veritas does, then yes, you need to vote Democrat regardless of who the nominee is. If your idea of compassionate Christlike service is to be generous with other peoples money while you dedicate your long retired unemployed self to recreation, vacationing, and travel, than you need to vote for Biden. And whether you believe the scamdemic and subsequent $12 trillion in "infrastructure" and useless environmental spending cause inflation or not, you're still going to be paying for it the next time Democrats get in power and do this, so in this case you still need to vote for Trump. Blaming greedy corporations for it won't change what's left in your bank account.
Trump says whatever he needs to say in the moment. He has no real commitment to anything but his own image and success. He doesn’t care about saving or ending social security. He cares about himself. So when he says he will defend social security, don’t count on it. He can and has turned on a dime on this issue and others.
The idea that Donald Trump doesn't care about his supporters or isn't loyal to them is such a feeble attempt to separate them from his base. The man has lost over a billion dollars in deep state law suits and many who worked on his campaign are now political prisoners. All of this because they had the audacity to speak up for the rights of taxpaying American citizens who believed that the voters had the right to set the terms upon which people are allowed to immigrate to their country. They want to imprison anyone who believes the worker/earner is the one who has the right to decide how much of his paycheck he gives away to charity, not the welfare recipient nor any random foreigner! Why would Donald Trump sacrifice life as a billionaire to protect the interests of a simple taxpayer like me, or to protect our borders and our right to private property? He could have had a great end to the rest of his life playing golf. Now he's lost over a $1 billion dollars and likely to spend the rest of his life in prison because he stuck up for his supporters and took on a fight with Democrats that none of us alone were strong enough or wealthy enough to do for ourselves.
He doesn’t love his supporters. And that shouldn’t matter. All you are doing is confirming that this is a cult of personality. Great work!
Weissman put Manafort in solitary confinement for years in an effort to torture him enough to bear false witness against Trump. Michael Flynn was bankrupted and imprisoned by Jim Comey in an effort to squeeze him to take down Trump. Now Steve Bannon sits in prison as Democrats rejoice, for a man who once called him "Sloppy Steve Bannon." Peter Navarro sits in prison as well. Roger Stone's house was raided. Justice Kavanaugh and Thomas are in partisan Democrat crosshairs for death threats, unpunished partisan protester harassment outside their homes. If you think that Trump's position on abortion being a state or federal issue, is going to be enough for his supporters to throw away all this sacrifice and the number of martyrs and political prisoners that have been made already, you are obliviously unaware of what your side has done already. Your partisan political persecution and lawfare has created more solidarity amongst America First movement than even Trump himself ever could have.
Corrupt people. Lunatics. Wannabe authoritarians. This is the cast of Trump cronies.
"Great power connected with ambition, luxury and flattery, will as readily produce a Caesar, Caligula, Nero and Domitian in America, as the same causes did in the Roman Empire." ~Cato, New York Journal
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Re: Christian Right Upset About Trump Platform

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I don't suppose his healthcare plan is in there? I hear it's beautiful.
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Re: Christian Right Upset About Trump Platform

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I don't suppose anyone is more disappointed than democrats that the so-called federal abortion so-called ban is not in there. I heard they thought it was going to be in there and they would be remiss to not express the victimization of someone.

By the way, totally on topic, see the title ^^^^.

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