Trump's Economic Score Card

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Trump's Economic Score Card

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OK my fellow Trump supporters. This is your glorious moment and you are in a unique position to prove to the world you were right all along. So in four years we'll know for certain if Trump has the faintest clue about how to run a country. All we have to do is take the numbers from today and compare them to those in 2020. Here are some that come to mind, though I'm sure we could add to the list:

Official unemployment rate: 4.7%
U6 unemployment rate: 9.0%
Labor Participation Rate: 63.0%
Federal debt: $19.8 trillion
Federal deficit: $500 billion
Federal Revenues: $3.34 Trillion
Trade deficit: $40 billion
Social Security Trust Fund: $27 trillion
Manufacturing jobs: 12.33 million
Percentage of Americans without Insurance: 9%
Rate of Home Ownership: 63%
Inflation: < 2%
Cop killings: 46 in 2016
Avg gasoline price:$ 2.15

So unlike Obama, Trump enters office with a Republican Congress at his back willing to pass anything he proposes, so come 2020 there will be no excuse for any of those statistics heading in the wrong direction. I'll frame this post and we'll revisit it in 2020, and if Trump was able to improve on even half of those numbers then I will gladly eat crow. But if they're all worse in 2020 and you still support him, will you then admit that your support for him has nothing to do with a sincere belief that he is a better leader? Sounds like a fair wager to me, so what do you say?
So after four years of Trump, here are the numbers....

Official unemployment rate: rose from 4.7% to 6.7%
U6 unemployment rate: rose from 9.0% to 11.6^
Labor Participation Rate: dropped from 63.0% to 60.8%
Federal debt: rose from $19.8 trillion to $27 trillion
Federal deficit: rose from $500 billion to $3.1 trillion.
Federal Revenues: rose from $3.34 Trillion to $3.7 trillion
Trade deficit: rose from $40 billion to $500 billion
Manufacturing jobs: remains the same at 12.3 million
Percentage of Americans without Insurance: rose from 9% to over 12%
Rate of Home Ownership: rose from 63% to 65.1%
Inflation: Has risen from < 2% to < 3%
Avg gasoline price: rose from $2.15 to $2.39
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