Secret Service Code Names

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Secret Service Code Names

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Don't ask me how I ended up finding this wiki since I've been wandering around online but's a list of Secret Service code names for Presidents and their families. I thought it was fun. I edited out most of the footnote thingies. You'll have to ignore what's left. Or not.

Presidents and their families

Woodrow Wilson
Edith Wilson – Grandma

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt – Rover

Harry S. Truman – General or Supervise
Bess Truman – Sunnyside

Dwight Eisenhower – Scorecard[1] or Providence
Mamie Eisenhower – Springtime
David Eisenhower – Sahara

John F. Kennedy – Lancer
Jacqueline Kennedy – Lace
Caroline Kennedy – Lyric
John F. Kennedy, Jr. – Lark
Rose Kennedy – Coppertone
Ethel Kennedy – Sundance

Lyndon Johnson – Volunteer
Lady Bird Johnson – Victoria
Lynda Bird Johnson – Velvet
Luci Baines Johnson – Venus

Richard Nixon – Searchlight
Pat Nixon – Starlight
Patricia Nixon Cox – Sugarfoot
Edward F. Cox – Seminole
Julie Nixon Eisenhower – Sunbonnet

Gerald Ford – Passkey or Pass Key
Betty Ford – Pinafore
Susan Ford – Panda
Michael Ford – Professor
Jack Ford – Packman

Jimmy Carter – Lock Master[8] or Deacon
Rosalynn Carter – Lotus Petal[8] or Dancer
Amy Carter – Dynamo
Chip Carter – Diamond
Jack Carter – Derby
Jeff Carter – Deckhand

Ronald Reagan – Rawhide
Nancy Reagan – Rainbow
Maureen Reagan – Rhyme,[8] Rosebud
Michael Reagan – Riddler
Patti Davis – Ribbon
Ron Reagan – Reliant
Doria Reagan – Radiant

George H. W. Bush – Timberwolf
Barbara Bush – Snowbank[8][24] or Tranquility
Marvin Bush – Tuner
Neil Bush – Trapline
Jeb Bush – Tripper
Dorothy Bush – Tiller

Bill Clinton – Eagle
Hillary Clinton – Evergreen
Chelsea Clinton – Energy

George W. Bush – Tumbler,later Trailblazer
Laura Bush – Tempo
Barbara Bush – Turquoise
Jenna Bush – Twinkle

Barack Obama – Renegade
Michelle Obama – Renaissance
Malia Obama – Radiance
Sasha Obama – Rosebud
Marian Shields Robinson – Raindance

Donald Trump – Mogul
Melania Trump – Muse
Donald Trump Jr. – Mountaineer
Ivanka Trump – Marvel
Eric Trump – Marksman
Jared Kushner - Mechanic

Joe Biden – Celtic
Jill Biden – Capri

I think I like Jimmy Carter's "Deacon" the most. It just fits him. Good thing they didn't call him "Peanut". :lol: It would've been fun if they called Gerald Ford "Tripper".

Okay. I'll stop. Maybe.

Check out the link there's all kinds of codes listed.
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