Etruscan DNA from Palestine

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Etruscan DNA from Palestine

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Professor Darth J of Cassius has long promoted his theory of an Italian setting for the Book of Mormon. The latest DNA research on the origin of the Etruscans of Italy shows that they are closely related to the peoples of Palestine and Syria. In other words, we have better evidence in support of Professor Darth J's theory than the classic-FARMS theories locating Book of Mormon peoples in America.

Worse news for the Book of Mormon Americanists is the fact that Etruscan DNA could be pinned down like this at all. The Etruscans immigrated to Italy as a small group that flowered to a civilization of modest size. The Etruscans were overtaken by various invasions and conquests over the millennia. In many ways, the Etruscans are a wonderful comparandum for the alleged Book of Mormon peoples in America. Unlike the Nephites, however, the Palestinian DNA of the Etruscans was readily found by testing the inhabitants of modern-day Murlo, Italy. No Palestinian DNA has been found in the Native American population.

The case of the Etruscans reveals the bankruptcy of apologetic excuses for the absence of Palestinian DNA among Native Americans.

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Re: Etruscan DNA from Palestine

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I get all warm and fuzzy reading this. In fact, I can barely type out my response. Therefore, I know this thread is true.
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Re: Etruscan DNA from Palestine

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Kishkumen wrote:comparandum

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