First Black Apostle?

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First Black Apostle?

Post by Moksha »

Nemo the Mormon is predicting that Elder Ahmad S. Corbitt will replace Elder Jeffrey Holland, as the first black apostle.

What do you think?
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Re: First Black Apostle?

Post by bbbbbbb »

I smiled when I read the title of this thread. I did a bit of research on Ahmad S. Corbitt.

First, he was given an Islamic name at birth - Ahmad is one version for Mohammed and his middle name, Salaam, is also very popular with Muslims. It means peace. It would seem that his father was probably a member of the Nation of Islam. The nice thing about the Nation of Islam is that it endorses and secretly practices polygamy, which would align with traditional Mormon theology. The nasty thing about the Nation of Islam is that it is well known for its extreme racism.

Second, his rise within the LDS has been nothing short of meteoric. It seems like the good folks in SLC are more than anxious to cover their own unfortunate racist heritage.

Third, he is a mulatto and, technically no more Black than White. In the United States, however, any trace of African heritage automatically renders a person Black. It is quite the opposite in Africa. I have Caucasian friends from South Africa who, strangely, found themselves being listed as racial minorities here simply because of their country of origin.

Maybe Nemo the Mormon is a latter-day prophet, after all.
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