‘The Things We Do For The Orange Jesus’

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‘The Things We Do For The Orange Jesus’

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Liz Cheney Recalls GOP Rep. Lamenting Trump Pressure on Jan. 6

During the Q&A after her remarks, Cheney recalled one Republican House member lamenting the price of loyalty to Trump.

“I was in the Republican cloakroom,” Cheney began, recalling the events of Jan. 6, 2021.

“I was working on my remarks, I was supposed to speak that day and there were sheets of paper laid out on the desks. And I asked one of the staffers in the cloakroom, what are these sheets of paper?” Cheney began, adding:
Because members were coming in and signing them. And this person said to me, ‘Well, those are the objection sheets, because, you know, it’s only actually required that one House member object. But there were so many who wanted to show they were objecting that they’d set up these sign-up sheets in the cloakroom.’
“And as I was sitting there, a member came in and he signed his name on each one of the state’s sheets. And then he said under his breath, ‘The things we do for the Orange Jesus.’ And I thought, you know, you’re taking an act that is unconstitutional.”
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Re: ‘The Things We Do For The Orange Jesus’

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So, what were they objecting to? (I read the article, but it didn't say.)
"I know of a case in which a woman made a confession to her Bishop, and told him that he must not disclose her confession to her husband. This put the Bishop in a bind because he was her husband."

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Re: ‘The Things We Do For The Orange Jesus’

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It sounds like they were objecting to the certification of the election.

You remember that? How a bunch of GOP pols keep pushing for a dictatorship to save their political careers? That's what ‘The Things We Do For The Orange Jesus’ refers to, and why they are pretending not to notice Biden won the election. Orange Jesus is their cult leader.

It's hilarious the GOP base considers him charismatic. They do love an obvious criminal in their corner. Course, if you're the type of person drawn in by an blatant conman from the nineteenth century, for instance, why not start worshiping a twenty-first century retard as well?
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