GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE: Perfume's Barcelona concert of 06-01-2023 is now online!!

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GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE: Perfume's Barcelona concert of 06-01-2023 is now online!!

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My dear Perfumaniacs:

As you discerned by the title, I have some EXCELLENT news! Perfume performed at the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, Spain last Thursday evening local time--06-01-2023--which I guess means sometime Thursday afternoon Utah time. Counting the introduction and outro, their setlist lasted 51 minutes. (They then performed in London yesterday and will again sometime today--a triumphant return after 10 years--but that's not the focus of this thread.)


  • At 5:88 they perform the radio & video version of "Spending All My Time," which to my knowledge is the first time they've ever done so. It's also one of my personal favorites. In my opinion, this version is far superior to the album version that they performed in Cannes 10 years ago. It's mostly in English, so that's a bonus. The sound & bass is PUMPIN'!
  • At 24:25 they perform "Nee," which is Japanese for "Hey." Check out their fancy footwork in this one. This is my favorite song of theirs, so it was a real treat for me.
  • At 32:12 they performed "Edge," which is always a crowd-stirring favorite. I think they make it a point to perform this at all their outdoor venues. Folks, this one ROCKS!
  • I've only ever seen them break a sweat once before, at a music festival in Tokyo (to which I linked the live, uh, link) wherein the temperature got up to 93 degrees Fahrenheit. It must've been warm in Barcelona during this concert, 'cause A-chan broke an obvious sweat quite early on. Kashiyuka, for her part, didn't until close to the end of the concert.
  • Judging by the amount of noise they made and the expressions on their faces, clearly Perfume's Spanish fans are not one whit less enthusiastic than their Japanese fans. In my opinion, the intensity of the cheering was quite out of proportion to the size of the crowd. Remember, as with any other music festival, Perfume was competing with multiple other acts on different stages at the same time.
  • Perfume stayed as busy as possible during the pandemic and wasted no time kicking it back into high gear once it subsided--they somewhat recently sold out all the major baseball stadiums on a tour of their home country, now they're in the middle of this "Code of Perfume" European mini-tour, then in Fall they'll do another national tour for members of their fan club only--so it isn't exactly surprising, but it's great to see that NONE of the magic has been lost. The dance moves, the cutting-edge technology, the crisp performances, the enthusiasm, the music itself--it's all still there, just as intensely as it was 10 years ago and more.
  • Last but not least, this concert was so good that even my cat Toby jumped up on my desk and watched it for a while, enraptured. If it has the Toby seal of approval, you know it's good!
Folks, ENJOY!!
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