The Gospel of Lie

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The Gospel of Lie

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I don't often make such emphatic reading recommendations, but I believe anyone interested in Joseph Smith and the production of his scriptural writings would greatly benefit from reading this book: Joshua Lie, Fady Riad, The Gospel of Lie: A Grieving Christian Searches the Bible for a New Jesus.

This book is part biography, part wickedly ingenious scriptural wresting, all to demonstrate how easy it is to concoct a new interpretation/religion with the building blocks of existing scripture. (Anyone else see a resemblance to Joseph Smith in this?)

Part of what makes this so great is that it clearly delineates a set of rules that amount to a kind of methodology for pulling off this kind of imposture. It models this method on the New Testament itself, which the author describes as a deliberate misreading of the Hebrew Scriptures.

If you read Kindle books, it's pretty inexpensive: $3.99

Here is a link to the

It should be noted that I have no connection with the author(s).
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Re: The Gospel of Lie

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I picked this up and put it on my reading list. Thanks.
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Re: The Gospel of Lie

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On my list, thanks for the recommend......
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